Chapter: “Hiring for diversity: The challenges faced by American and European companies in employee selection.”

Roberson L., Buonocore F., Yearwood S.M. (2017) Hiring for Diversity: The Challenges Faced by American and European Companies in Employee Selection. In: Hansen K., Seierstad C. (eds) Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity Management. CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance. Springer, Cham.

Il capitolo offre una panoramica delle politiche intraprese dalle aziende per evitare discriminazioni di genere nella selezione del personale, in una logica di confronto America e Europa.

ABSTRACT. In today’s business climate, corporate social responsibility has a broad definition and includes diversity management. The process of employee selection is a key diversity management practice, as it influences an organization’s external brand and signifies commitment to diversity to current employees. In the USA, the history of racial discrimination resulted in sweeping employment laws designed to reduce bias, especially in the hiring process. Thus, employers have struggled to balance compliance with affirmative action laws and finding a method of selection that is perceived as fair to all job candidates. In Europe, employment laws are more prescriptive to bring about equality, especially gender equality. This chapter outlines the history of employee selection in the USA and Europe, reviews the challenges practitioners face with the many methods they have employed to try and ensure fairness, and presents the implications of common diversity selection practices in both locales.

The chapter is available at https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-319-43564-0_9