“State of the art of COVID-19 and business, management, and accounting sector. A bibliometrix analysis.” di Campra, M., Paolo, E., e Brescia, V.

Campra, M., Paolo, E., & Brescia, V. (2020). State of the art of COVID-19 and business, management, and accounting sector. A bibliometrix analysis. International journal of business and management, vol. 16, n. 1, 2021, p. 1-27.


COVID-19 caused a global pandemic in 2020 that completely revolutionized our way of life, consequently affecting the research area of business, management and accounting sector. The study by Donthu & Gustafsson (2020) had produced some significant elements on the effect of COVID-19 in the considered study area. Since that time, all states and universities have engaged academics in the search for solutions and future prospects related to COVID-19. In 2020 alone, 48,038 results can be identified on Scopus, of which however only 155 related to the sector under investigation. This research seeks to fill the gap by performing a bibliometric review of 155 business, management and accounting articles considering the effects of COVID-19. The study shows that the effect influenced all research areas of the sector, although only some present bilometric evidence with a global diffusion. Bibliometric analysis confirms the trend and studies introduced by Donthu & Gustafsson (2020). The main studies focus on transport, regulation, and the global economy’s effect, considering both international trade and the redefinition of a series of services, including education. The changes in tourism, medical tourism, the business model in food administration, and new technologies related to teaching activities require more in-depth analysis and a major sharing of results.

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