“Traces of sustainability in the tourism sector. An exploratory study” di Pavone Pietro e Corbo Francesco

Pavone P. & Corbo F., Traces of sustainability in the tourism sector. an exploratory study, In Tourism and the global crises (pp. 516-524). I and B.

Abstract. The urgency of sustainable development forces the tourism sector to rethink itself in a key of sustainability. This study therefore seeks to understand how the challenges posed by the changed external context have recently been interpreted in one of the most important sectors of the Italian economy. The paper, through an exploratory survey using questionnaires, seeks to understand the current trends in the tourism sector in the period of pandemic crisis where the challenges of sustainability were even more pressing. The results show a propensity of Italian tourism towards a new fair and sustainable dimension, with evolutionary and experiential trajectories already in place.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1flA60TOwhZZM3obmmPLF_TbIBOJz0T84/view