“Understanding social impact and value creation in hybrid organizations: The case of Italian civil service” di Paolo Esposito, Valerio Brescia, Chiara Fantauzzi e Rocco Frondizi 

Articolo su rivista internazionale

Esposito, P., Brescia, V., Fantauzzi, C., & Frondizi, R. (2021). Understanding Social Impact and Value Creation in Hybrid Organizations: The Case of Italian Civil ServiceSustainability13(7), 4058.

Abstract. The aim of this paper is twofold: first, it aims to analyze what kind of value is generated by hybrid organizations and how; second, it aims to understand the role of social impact assessment (SIA) in the measurement of added value, especially in terms of social and economic change generated by hybrids. Hybrid organizations are a debated topic in literature and have different strengths in responding to needs, mainly in the public interest. Nevertheless, there are not many studies that identify the impact and change generated by these organizations. After highlighting the gap in the literature, the study proposes an innovative approach that combines SIA, interview, interventionist approach and documental analysis. The breakdown of SIA through the five elements of the value chain (inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impact) guarantees a linear definition of the value generated through change with procedural objectivity capable of grasping hybrid organizations’ complexity. The value generated or absorbed is the change generated by the impact measured based on the incidence of public resources allocated. Through the SIA and counterfactual approach, the civil service case study analysis highlights how the value generated by public resources can be measured or more clearly displayed in the measurement process itself.

Full text available here: https://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/13/7/4058/htm