World Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurship Edited by Léo-Paul Dana

World Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurship

Léo-Paul Dana (Ed.) WORLD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Cheltenham – Northampton, (II ed.) 2021 – pp. 672.

This comprehensive reference work, written by some of the most eminent academics in the field, contains entries on numerous aspects of entrepreneurship.

Topics covered include: business angels, Chinese clan entrepreneurship, criminal entrepreneurship, defining the entrepreneur, employee start-ups, entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship policy, ethics, ethnic minority entrepreneurship, family business, global entrepreneurship and transnationalism, indigenous entrepreneurship, international entrepreneurship, internationalization, involuntary entrepreneurship, Islam and entrepreneurship, mature-age entrepreneurs, pastoralism, religion as an explanatory variable for entrepreneurship, rural entrepreneurship, self-efficacy, small island entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and venture capital. There are also entries on individuals including Conrad Hilton, Howard Hughes and Joseph Schumpeter.

Providing its readers with a unique point of reference, as well as stimulus for further research, this Encyclopedia is an indispensable tool for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, particularly students, scholars and researchers.

Contributors: Z.J. Acs, K. Althoff, R.B. Anderson, A. Atherton, D.B. Audretsch, U. Backes-Gellner, G. Baldacchino, W.J. Baumol, D. Bögenhold, J. Bonnet, R.T. Bradley, T. Brau, M. Casson, P. Cussy, L.-P. Dana, T.E. Dana, A.A. Degen, S. Down, U. Fachinger, A. Fayolle, L. Ferguson, L.J. Filion, K. Frith, Y. Gasse, W.A. Ghoul, P. Gottschalk, R.T. Hamilton, M. Han, R. Harms, T.H. Hawver, J. Huebscher, P.-A. Julien, K.R. Kao, R.W.Y. Kao, R.R. Kao, T. Kautonen, P. Kilby, A.M. Kleinbaum, A. Koch, S. Kolb, S. Kraus, P. Kyrö, C. Lendner, D. Leong, I.H. Light, C.M. Mason, P.P. McDougall, G. McElwee, M. Morris, M. Niemi, J.J. Obrecht, B.M. Oviatt, J. Palmroos, A.M. Peredo, J.M. Pollack, V. Ratten, M.T. Schaper, L. Schjoedt, A.E. Singer, U. Staber, D. Storey, S. Terjesen, D. Tomasino, P. Vainio, P.C. Weber, I. Welpe, F. Welter, K. Wennberg, A. Werner

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