“WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS IN NORTH AFRICA. Historical Frameworks, Ecosystems and New Perspectives for the Region”, di Léo-Paul Dana, Dina Modestus Nziku, Ramo Palalić, Veland Ramadani (Eds), World Scientific, Singapore, 2022


This book provides scientific evidence, both theoretically and empirically, on the understudied field of women entrepreneurs across North Africa. It provides insights on the domain of women entrepreneurship, undertaking critical assessment of overall historical frameworks, ecosystems and future perspectives of the region.

Women entrepreneurship is among the most important and unexploited sources of economic growth in the developing world. Yet, despite much progress in socioeconomic aspects such as health, life expectancy and education, the gender economic gap remains unchanged. More needs to be done to understand the underlying forces and factors in the region to challenge the current status quo.

Link: http://www.areasso.unina.it/authmngt/opensso/portal